Eaton Corporation Informal Resume Help Night

Hello Everyone,

Eaton Corporation in Galesburg MI, would like to host an informal resume
critique night next Monday, December 3rd 2012. This means come as you are
you and bring your resume, yes jeans are more than welcome. You can drop
in anytime during the night and it will start at 5:30pm and will go until
all questions have been asked and answered. You can come and ask any
questions of the representatives that you have, including questions about
Eaton Corporation, resumes, and interviewing.

They would like to build a greater relationship with our students at
Western Michigan University. They would also like to ask you all questions
to gain a better understanding of what all of you are looking for in
internship both at the Undergraduate and Graduate level, as well as post
graduation employment.

There will be pizza and pop for all who attend. If you are interested and
plan to attend at some point during the night please sign up at the link
below. This will allow us to gauge how much pizza will be needed.

For those that signed up at the previous link please sign up with the one provided here.



  1. Resume is one of the most important part which helps in getting an interview. It lets interviewer get to know your education qualification and previous experience if any.

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